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당신의 작품이 더 빛날 수 있는,
​우리는 울타리입니다.

울타리는 게임을 개발할 때 필요한 사운드적 요소의 해결을 위해

게임 개발사들을 위한 사운드(배경음악, 환경음, 효과음) 개발 및 ​솔루션을 제공하고 있습니다.

울타리가 제공하는 서비스

맞춤형 정장을 만드는 재단사의 마음 가짐으로 여러분의 게임에 맞춤형 사운드를 제공합니다.

작은 이미지 1.png

배경음악 제작

작은 이미지 2.png

​환경음 제작


​게임 전문 성우

​효과음 제작

작은 이미지 3.png
울타리로고 배경없음.png


신속한 응답으로 원하는 서비스를

​직접적인 연락을 원한다면 다음 이메일을 통해 연락해주세요.

메시지를 남겨 주시면
빠른 시일 안에 회신 드리겠습니다.

제출해주셔서 감사합니다 : )

  • What are the advantages of ULTARI?
    ULTARI sincerely do our best to make the customer's work shine more. We provide not only professional solutions, but also we listen closely to what our customers want. Therefore, we create results that satisfy our customers. ULTARI keeps its promise to its customers. We do our best to provide the best work within the time required by our customers. ULTARI never lose time or quality of work.
  • How long does the work usually take?
    You can expect to receive results within 2 weeks on average for normal works. During the period, we will send you the first work, so we can reflect your revisions to the direction of the work. Depending on the number of modifications or tasks, the time for work may vary slightly. But most importantly, the time required for the work will be decided after consultation with the customer. ULTARI sincerely do our best to provide services within the period desired by the customer.
  • How much is the work?
    Depending on what you need to do, the price of the work varies greatly. So we cannot tell you the detailed price. We are sorry we could not tell you exactly. However, you can contact us by phone or email for more information. ULTARI do our best to you. If you contact us comfortably, we will help you quickly. 053-816-2788(KOR) /

​울타리 보도 자료

ULTARI operated a game music experience booth at the Gyeongbuk ICT Experience Festival. (KOR, ENG)

23. 10. 28.

ULTARI appeared on the news of KBS, Korea's leading media outlet.(ENG)

22. 12. 13.

ULTARI produced a club song to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Pohang Steelers. (KOR, ENG)

23. 5. 25.

Global Creator 'Uomini Coreani' (ENG)

21. 12. 23.

ULTARI appeared on YouTube in Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea. (ENG)

21. 11. 19.

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